Sunday, October 24, 2010

Triangles Are Speaking To Me

I wanted to add some new skills to my repertoire, so I decided to  take a jewelry design and casting class through my local recreation department.  I was working on some designs and looking through them to figure out which ones I liked the best.  As it turned out, most of my favorite designs included triangles in some fashion or other.  The instructor told me that it seems that triangles are speaking to me.  This was something that I never would have thought of without having done this exercise.

Serendipitously, when I got home I saw the triangular silver leaf jasper beads on sale at one of my favorite beading websites and I ordered them right away.  I was able to make these earrings before the next class session, and walk in with my triangles on.  This was a super fun project for me.

BTW, these earrings are not intended to match one another.  They belong to a new line that I have just begun working on and that I'm labelling "non-conformist."

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