Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New For Halloween--White Mouse Earrings

Today I visited the Spirit Halloween store with my son.  Among other things, we picked up these wonderfully squooshey rubber rodents.  After we got home we were playing around with our new squooshey toys, and I tried hanging one of the rodents by the tail from my son's ear (should have gotten a picture--darn it!) when I got this far-fetched idea that these rodents could actually be made into serviceable earrings.


I grabbed a rodent and some miscellaneous findings and created this:

And then I tried it on:

It works for me.  We'll see if my son makes good on his promise to wear it to school.

Afterwards, I continued decorating my workspace ( now dubbed The Creatorium) :

Whether the rest of the rodents will be safe from Halloween earring-making is anybody's guess.

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